Best Ursus 1614 1985 MudRunner Off Road Tractor Mod

Best Ursus 1614 1985 MudRunner Off Road Tractor Mod

The best tractor mod for the game, it has excellent maneuverability and an interesting engine sound. Under load, the engine sound is realistic.

I made a 1985 Ursus 1614 ...

Author: Ryszard
Fiat 180-90

Fiat 180-90 version 06.05.23 – MudRunner (25.02.21)

So far, this is a test version of the Fiat 180-90 tractor mod made for MudRunner. But he already has his own addon one, and also the ability to hook all default trailers.

Author: Ryszard
1999 John Deere 6910

1999 John Deere 6910 version 01.05.23 – MudRunner (25.02.21)

Two 1999 John Deere 6910 tractors made for MudRunner. Each one has 2 add-ons (Tool box 100pts, Weight 800kg), besides that they hook all default trailers. (you can also write ot...

Author: Ryszard
IH 7488 International

IH 7488 International version 10.06.18 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Tractor IH 7488 International for Mudrunner Mods.

Tractor mod:
- Camera from the cabin;
- Your engine sound;
- The color is only red for the model;

Author: Modfix
Kirovets SnowRunner

Kirovets SnowRunner version 08.12.22 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Two Russian tractors for Mudrunner Kirovets, ported from the SnowRunner game with their own addons.

Tractor mod feature:
- Monodrive at the chassis;
- Engine...

Author: Ryszard
MTZ 82.1

MTZ 82.1 version 25.03.19 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

The MTZ 82.1 tractor can act as a front-end log loader.

The mod has features:
- View from the tractor cab;
- Various animations;
- Own sound MTZ 82.1;<...

Author: HAUS 55 RUS
K-700 Lesnoy Kirovets

K-700 Lesnoy Kirovets version 08.04.19 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Model K-700 Lesnoy Kirovets was made in 1961. So this very model was made for the MudRunner Tractor. There is a different animation of the part, as well as a standard engine sou...

Author: HAUS 55 RUS
K-700 Kirovets 8x8 (1S6A6)

K-700 Kirovets 8x8 (1S6A6) version 10.04.19 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Kirovets 8x8 tractor mod for MudRunner to transport timber. Model K-700 Kirovets 8x8 (1S6A6) is a Soviet development of a yellow tractor.

Mod features:
- Only the ...

Author: null
K-700 Kirovets 1962

K-700 Kirovets 1962 version 14.04.19 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

The mod for the K-700 Kirovets 1962 tractor was made for MudRunner muddy roads.

Tractor mod features:
- Red color of the model;
- View from the cab;
- ...

Author: HAUS 55 RUS