Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Furious

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Furious version 22.04.20 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Mod car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution such as in the movie "Fast and the Furious", made in the game MudRunner. A simple envelope without some chips, but there is one add...

Author: Tormentor80
Ford Falcon XB 1973 MadMax

Ford Falcon XB 1973 MadMax version 08.04.22 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Model car Speed Freak from the game MadMax. Made by mod for Mudrunner.

Mod feature:
- Animations of the suspension, steering wheel, pulleys;
- 1 addon repair...

Author: Arshinskiy03
VAZ 2108 Eight

VAZ 2108 Eight version 19.02.18 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

The VAZ 2108 mod itself was made in Mudrunner exclusively for my own entertainment. In fact, the car is nothing, but for beauty and the Russian atmosphere.

In addition t...

Author: Msergt
Fiat Ducato Combi 250 2006 DPS

Fiat Ducato Combi 250 2006 DPS version 18.05.22 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Mod bus Fiat Ducato combi (250) 2006 Russian DPS for MudRunner.

The pendant is animated;
Its engine sounds;
There is a siren sound;
Flashers work;

Author: Diego11
Moskvich 2140 Stalker

Moskvich 2140 Stalker version 13.03.22 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Car mod from the game Stalker, modernized Moskvich 2140 for Mudrunner. The original model has been slightly modified, this is the running gear and some details.

Russian ...

Author: Arshinskiy03
Subaru Impreza 2014

Subaru Impreza 2014 version 03.02.22 – MudRunner (10.06.2019)

Mod Subaru Impreza 2014 for Mudrunner to make rallies in the game. The car without any add-ons, and the model itself is low-poly and indelible livery.

Subaru's own s...

Author: Tormentor80