FendT 1050 Vario

FendT 1050 Vario version 07.04.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Four identical Fendt 1050 Vario models, but with different wheels for each. I made this powerful tractor mod for Farming Simulator 23.

Author: Uz_Hacking
New Holland T9 Three

New Holland T9 Three version 25.03.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

After installing the tractor mod, three New Holland T9 models will appear in your mobile store. That is, one has wide wheels, the second has a double pair, and the third is comp...

Author: Uz_Hacking
Massey Ferguson 8700S

Massey Ferguson 8700S version 05.04.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Four variants of the MF 8700 tractor model in the mobile farm store. With different engine power.

Model types: 8700s, 8732s, 8740s, 8700s.

The red tractor for FS...

Author: Tar_Ikkk
STX 500 Case IH

STX 500 Case IH version 01.04.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Get a Case IH STX 500 tractor for free from the farm store for your agricultural enterprise. This is a mod made for the mobile game FS 23.

Requires replenishment of the ...

Author: Nazar_Stars
Valtra S3

Valtra S3 version 29.03.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Looking at the screenshots, you can understand that the Valtra S3 tractor has a choice of colors. But it doesn't matter if you don't understand how to change them in cod...

Author: Fllozzy
Axion 900 TT

Axion 900 TT version 28.01.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

The Axion 900 TT tractor mod was made for Landwirtschafts-Simulator 23. This is a Claas model on crawler tracks, from a well-known manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

Author: Dilshodbek
New Holland T8 Genesis

New Holland T8 Genesis version 26.03.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

The original style of the New Holland T8 Genesis model is red instead of blue. Looks quite interesting in the game Farming Simulator 23.

Download a tractor to your mobil...

Author: Uz_Hacking
Xerion 5000T

Xerion 5000T version 03.01.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Another Xerion 5000T model from the Claas tractor range. This is a mod made in Farming 23 to update the machine and tractor fleet.

This model has a tracked chassis, an u...

Author: Dilshodbek
New Holland T9 Smarttrax

New Holland T9 Smarttrax version 21.03.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Instead of wheels, Smarttrax are installed on the tractor, this has a beneficial effect on the soil in Farming Simulator farming. Better grip on the ground (in all conditions), ...

Author: Dilshodbek