SIP Roto 220

SIP Roto 220 version 22.04.20 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

The cost of the mower is $5,564 for Farmer 19's money.

The model has sounds and animation;
Working width 2.2 meters at 22 km/h;
Required tractor power 50...

Author: PolyCount
Pottinger Eurocat 275

Pottinger Eurocat 275 version 31.12.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Rear mounted mower on the right side, mod for Farmer Simulator 19.

The tractor power required is 40 l/s;
Working width 2.75 meters;
The model has a new textu...

Claas WM 290F

Claas WM 290F version 19.02.20 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Front mounted mower to the tractor, operates at 25 km/h with a cutting width of 2.90 meters.

To create the model, the base one is Deutz KM 3.27 FS from Farming Simulator...

Author: s8080t
RSM Argus 1270/870

RSM Argus 1270/870 version 26.01.20 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Two headers for a combine harvester for harvesting corn for grain. The operating speed is about 10 kilometers per hour with a working width of 5.6/8.4 meters of field.


Author: Shnurok
KSU-1 Rostselmash

KSU-1 Rostselmash version 01.12.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

The power of the KSU-1 Rostselmash self-propelled mower is 180 l/s, with a mowing width of nine meters. Transport speed is 24 km/h, there is a working light and a display.

Author: Deruz
New Holland H8060

New Holland H8060 version 25.05.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Self-propelled mower New Holland H8060 with a working speed of 22 km/h.

The price of the model is 110,000 and the header is 18,000 rubles;
In the course of animati...

Easyflow 300S 25 Meters

Easyflow 300S 25 Meters version 13.10.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Cheat harvester for Farming 19, more precisely a pick-up of hay or green grass. Clings to a silage harvester, captures 25 meters of collection width. The price for the unit is $...

Author: Adub modding
Aebi CC36

Aebi CC36 version 19.09.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Motoblock Aebi CC36 mower for 5850 rubles, conditionally for the game FS 19.

Feature of mower mod:
- Operating speed 12 km / h, when capturing two and 2 meters;

BCS 127 Motoblock

BCS 127 Motoblock version 18.09.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Manual mower in the form of a walk-behind tractor for FS19, cutting width of 1.10 meters. There is a motor with a capacity of 7 loshariki, at a price of 250 euros for one.