John Deere R700i

John Deere R700i version 28.05.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Field sprayer John Deere R700i for the game FS 23. Trailed model, for tractor.

- Cost 52,500 euros;
- Reservoir for 3360 liters of liquid;

Author: Fllozzy
John Deere 4940 By Cama

John Deere 4940 By Cama version 24.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

John Deere 4940 made a self-propelled chassis for the FS 23. A sprayer and fertilizer spreader are attached to it. The model has double wheels so that the soil and plants are no...

Author: Cama
Sprayer Rosa

Sprayer Rosa version 26.02.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Lightweight self-propelled sprayer for mobile farmers. The model is called Rosa, it combines a sprayer with an arch and a spreader.

A special Sprayer Rosa mod for sprayi...

Author: Uz_Hacking
Rubicon 9000

Rubicon 9000 version 22.02.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

I found a Rubicon 9000 sprayer mod for Farming Simulator 22. And I decided to implement it into a mobile farm, with all the characteristics and performance efficiency.


Author: Artur Mihov
Pantera 4502 Amazone

Pantera 4502 Amazone version 15.02.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Self-propelled and effective crop sprayer in the field. Amazone has a tank capacity of 1000 liters of working fluid.

A mod of an effective sprayer Pantera 4502 Amazone f...

Author: Artur Mihov
Slurry Barrel Lizard

Slurry Barrel Lizard version 23.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

The Slurry Barrel Lizard Tank Trailer is a slurry spreader. Its working width is 16.2 meters per pass, with a speed of 16 miles per hour.

The slurry tank is filled up to...

Author: LDrayuga
SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack

SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack version 23.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Set of fertilizer spreaders SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack Claas for farming in mobile FS23. It contains a filler for fertilizers and slurry.

Engines with a power of ...

Author: LDrayuga
John Deere 4940

John Deere 4940 version 24.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

The John Deere 4940 self-propelled chassis allows you to install a sprayer with an arch or a solid fertilizer spreader body. Before heading out to spray the fields, you need to ...

Author: LDrayuga
Case IH Patriot 350

Case IH Patriot 350 version 25.08.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Probably the Case IH Patriot 350 sprayer model was taken from the Farming Simulator 2022 game. The function of an additional tank and wheels to choose from is also possible (if ...

Author: LDrayuga