Best Ursus 1614 1985 MudRunner Off Road Tractor Mod

MudRunner Mods Best Ursus 1614 1985 MudRunner Off Road Tractor Mod

The best tractor mod for the game, it has excellent maneuverability and an interesting engine sound. Under load, the engine sound is realistic.

I made a 1985 Ursus 1614 for MudRunner for free, it has its own sounds and all-wheel drive. This all-wheel drive can also be locked for improved cross-country ability in a swamp with trailers.

The Ursus 1614 model in the MudRunner game has the ability to attach a beacon to the roof of the tractor, and a counterweight in front (what mass is not known). In addition, all default trailers are hooked up, this is all its benefit as a tractor in forestry.

Download mod 1 | 48.7 MB Download mod 2 | 48.7 MB

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