Varvarovka map

Varvarovka map version 22.09.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Russian-Soviet atmosphere of the map, pretty detailed beautiful area. It will allow the farmer to do a full-fledged farm in 2019 of the game. At your disposal are forty-one fiel...

Parana Oeste map

Parana Oeste map version 15.08.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Ported the Brazilian map model from FS 19, well, the one in the south of the town. Large areas of fields are given for cultivation, and the atmosphere is good.
It is allow...

PGR Sliwno map

PGR Sliwno map version 14.08.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

A new railroad from Farming Simulator 19 has been installed around the area, and plots are being purchased. There are twenty-two fields and three villages, a sawmill and about e...

Author: Mirio
Willamina Forest map

Willamina Forest map version 13.08.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

The area of Willamina Forest is full of forest for its use in the sawmill. As such, there are no roads, but there are directions like paths through a dense flood. In addition, s...

Sosnovka HUN map

Sosnovka HUN map version 28.07.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Sosnovka HUN - this area was from Farming Simulator 2017, and now in the game FS 19. Fixed translation of the map into Russian.

Author: Tommy68
Brook at the Baltic Sea map

Brook at the Baltic Sea map version 25.07.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

North German atmosphere of the area, with the possibility of buying plots. There are BHA and fields of inconvenient shape, sales points and the timber industry.

Brook at...

Author: sNiksnak
AgroMash map

AgroMash map version 21.07.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

Welcome to the AgroMash map, completely fictional for FS 19, but based on the Russian landscape and atmosphere. There are sixteen not large fields in the area, but only thirty-o...

Author: Clondike
Nieciekawa map

Nieciekawa map version 23.06.19 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

The surrounding area of the Nieciekawa map is quite acceptable for farming 2019. In addition to the fact that the map is still in the development stage, the author has not corre...

Lipowka map

Lipowka map version 04.02.22 – FS 19 (1.7.1)

There are small fields and a farm 2019 around the Lipowka map, this is the basis of its purpose. All the land at your property is located, and there are places for sale, BGA, an...

Author: Ataberk