Tigo 100XR

Tigo 100XR version 22.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Tigo 100XR trailer which is involved in the preparation of forage Farming 23. It has a special pick-up, it immediately picks up the windrow into the body.

The pickup tra...

Author: LDrayuga
Jaguar 900 Type 496 and Orbis 900

Jaguar 900 Type 496 and Orbis 900 version 06.08.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Separately with the Jaguar 900 Type 496 harvester comes the Orbis 900 harvester, that is, separately in a folder. Its value is $255,000 from Farm Simulator 2023 store. Design co...

Author: Sila_L
Orkan Z320

Orkan Z320 version 11.08.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Orkan Z310 is the first self-propelled forage harvester in Poland. It was a very modern and efficient machine that met all technological requirements. A more powerful Z320 model...

Author: Vabymkutsan
PK-1.6 Pickup

PK-1.6 Pickup version 06.06.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

PK-1.6 trailed pick-up stacker for a small John Deere tractor in the game FS 23. This mod is made on the Soviet model PK-1.6 stacker to download into the mobile game.

Author: Yakut
Gomselmash FS8060

Gomselmash FS8060 version 05.06.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Download harvester Gomselmash FS8060 and install FS 23 Mobile into the game. Needed during forage season.

On the choice of motor power with different sound, this is FS80...

Author: Artur
Fortschritt E 281-C Pack

Fortschritt E 281-C Pack version 01.06.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

To prepare forage in FS 23 Mobile, you need to download a Fortschritt E 281-C combine and use it. The harvester comes with a mower and a header.

Author: Igrovoy Mir