Kamaz 55111 Sovok

Kamaz 55111 Sovok version 20.03.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Kamaz 55111 Sovok - a mod for a Russian dump truck model for FS 2020. Engine with a capacity of 260 horsepower.

There is an animation effect of the cabin when stopped, a...

Author: Dag_05
MAZ 5516A5 and Trailer MAZ 856101

MAZ 5516A5 and Trailer MAZ 856101 version 28.06.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Belarusian truck model MAZ 5516A5 and Trailer MAZ 856101 for agricultural game FS 2020 Mobile.

Author: Wartrex
KamAZ 45144 tr V1

KamAZ 45144 tr V1 version 26.02.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Mod for the orange truck KamAZ 45144 tr V1 for Farming Simulator 2020. A unit and the inscription "Hero of Perekop" are stuck on the cab. Looks like it has a trailer!<...

Author: Vova Zoreyev
Tatra 148

Tatra 148 version 01.03.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Dump truck Tatra 148 for agriculture. The truck mod is made of a blue cab and an orange body, the frame is black.

We recommend Tatra 148 dump truck mod download to play ...

Author: Igrovoy Mir
ZIL-131 Truck tractor

ZIL-131 Truck tractor version 09.08.21 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

ZIL-131 Truck tractor - Soviet and Russian medium-duty off-road truck, produced at the Likhachev Moscow Automobile Plant, the main model.

ZIL-131 truck tractor mod made ...

Author: Unknown
KamAZ 6520 Yellow

KamAZ 6520 Yellow version 23.02.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Russian dump truck KamAZ 6520 Yellow is made for Farming 20 Android farmers. At the same time repainted in the current color, and replaced the wheels.

Mod feature:

Author: Dag_05
Maz 5516 Selxoz and Trailer

Maz 5516 Selxoz and Trailer version 24.02.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Flatbed truck with trailer download for farmers 2020. This is a Belarusian truck Maz 5516 Selxoz and its trailer Maz 856101 for the game.

Author: Dag_05
Fiat 682 T2

Fiat 682 T2 version 06.07.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Mod for the Fiat 682 T2 truck tractor for Farming 20. Model year 1960, and the cost in the game is only 58,000 rubles.

The configurations have a color selection palette....

Author: Igrovoy Mir
Fiat 682 N4

Fiat 682 N4 version 06.07.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Onboard car Fiat 682 N4 for Farming Simulator 20 Android mod. More information can be seen on the video!

Author: Igrovoy Mir