MAZ 5440 and Toning

MAZ 5440 and Toning version 19.08.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

In the version of the truck mod, the tinting is translucent.

It can be seen that in the game the model has a white cabin, and the body kit is red. And not to mention tha...

Author: Dag_05
Mack Dag B61

Mack Dag B61 version 13.08.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Made mod Mack B61 for mobile farm.

Truck mod details:
- Exterior with hormonal details;
- The model has a three-axle chassis;
- On the chassis, a hitch...

Author: Dag_05

ZIL-164N version 07.08.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Good day, friends, I converted this ZIL-164N to FS 20. In this ZIL truck, two side hood covers are visible on the buttons. And the model is interesting!

Soviet truck mod...

Author: Proard_Mancy
KamAZ 5320 GKB 8551

KamAZ 5320 GKB 8551 version 08.08.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

KamAZ 5320 GKB 8551 is a model of a truck with a trailer for the FS 2020 farm. This is done as a mod into the game, while compressing and optimizing the textures as best I could...

Author: Converted_05
Xerion 5000

Xerion 5000 version 18.07.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Xerion 5000 - a complex of models of the Claas tractor series for the farm 2023. The mod was made specifically for adding to the game, it has lines for registration.


Kamaz 55102 TR V10

Kamaz 55102 TR V10 version 22.05.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Mod for the red truck Kamaz 55102 TR V10 made for Farming Simulator 2020 Mobile. High side body for both truck and trailer. And the color is orange, and the cabin too.

Author: Temar
Ural Farmer But

Ural Farmer But version 27.07.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Ural Farmer But - mod for the Russian truck Ural 4320 with a trailer. Made models for the mobile game Farming Simulator 20. The cabin looks beige, and the onboard body (dump tru...

Author: Karasyatko
Peterbilt 352

Peterbilt 352 version 09.06.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Classic Peterbilt 352 Cab Over Semi for Farming Simulator 2020.

Available in configurations: C-pillars, Bumpers, Leather options, BBC or stretched frame, Single axle, Vi...

Author: Igrovoy Mir
MAZ 856101 Selxoz

MAZ 856101 Selxoz version 20.06.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

The red color of the cab and body of the truck MAZ Dump truck. Another visor on the cab and an awning on the body.

Mod for the MAZ 856101 Selxoz model for Farming Simula...

Author: $Igoresha$