K-700 Kirovets 1962 version 14.04.19 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods K-700 Kirovets 1962

The mod for the K-700 Kirovets 1962 tractor was made for MudRunner muddy roads.

Tractor mod features:
- Red color of the model;
- View from the cab;
- 8 own addons;
- 5 default trailers;
- There is a different animation;
- The sound of the engine default Kirov;
- Mod K-700 Kirovets 1962 MudRunner Tractor.

July 13, 1962 Leningrad Kirovsky produced the first tractor K-700 "Kirovets". It was a new domestic traction class tractor, which increased the productivity of agricultural work by 2.5-3 times compared to other tractors.

Download mod 1 | 49.48 MB Download mod 2 | 49.48 MB

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