Safety Weights Pack

Safety Weights Pack version 17.01.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Such is the Safety Weights Pack mod for FS 20 counterweights to the tractor.


Otval version 07.01.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Guys who asked for a blade for silage, I just found this one and made it. I don’t know, but it can be hooked to the front, I haven’t checked. Strictly do not judge!<...

Author: Dag_05
Otval Silos

Otval Silos version 07.01.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

The required power from the tractor is 140 horsepower to push the Otval Silos. In the course of work wears out and gets dirty.

Author: Dag_05
Adapter 5R

Adapter 5R version 08.01.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Tractor front loader adapter to hook seeders and planters for easy loading. Probably cultivators too.

The Adapter 5R mod was made by farmers for FS 20 Tractor equipment....

DMI Metalworx S101

DMI Metalworx S101 version 07.01.23 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

By popular demand, I made a DMI Metalworx S101 blade for the MTZ-82.1 Moda tractor. There are no minuses during the game FS 20 Android.

Tow Bar

Tow Bar version 31.12.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Tow Bar - hitch mod for mobile farmers. With this towbar you can pull vehicles and pull them out. Towing hitch mod made for FS 20 Android.

Author: Dag_05
Minion Weight

Minion Weight version 23.10.22 – Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Minion Weight - water tank, with the ability to use as a counterweight to the tractor. Counterweight mod with water in the form of Minion Weight for the farm game FS 20 Android....

Concrete Counterweight

Concrete Counterweight version – Farming Simulator 20 Android (

Mod feature:
- Counterweight price: 1250 rubles;
- Counterweight weight: 3000 kg;
- There is a farcom for trailers;
- Mod converted from fs17.


Author: Specular