Livestock in FS 19 are important in your farm economy

FS 19 Mods Livestock in FS 19 are important in your farm economy

Animal husbandry in Farming Simulator 19 is more about the agricultural production of its products. In addition to animals, solid manure and slurry are included. Both should be used as additional fertilizer. It's organic and you don't have to pay for it.

In addition, cows produce milk from which dairy products can be made. For simply handing over to the dairy for a certain price.

Be sure to farm FS 19 there are chickens, they plant eggs.


If you are tired of messing with crops or this is not your main hobby, you can breed livestock: horses, cows, sheep, pigs and chickens.
First you need to purchase a corral in the store. You can then buy livestock from your local animal dealer.


To take the animals to the farm, you will need a cattle truck. To do this, drive the car with a trailer to the dealer.
For a fee, the reseller will transport the livestock to your farm on their own, and you do not need to transport the animals.

Cattle care

Livestock, that is, animals, must be taken care of: fed, watered and changed bedding with the help of a straw blower.
When animals feel good, they begin to breed, increasing livestock.


Forage: hay and oats.
Horses are trained and then sold.
You can have up to 16 horses on your farm. Each will have its own nickname and fitness level. The higher the level, the more expensive the animal is. Strengthen the physical form of horses by riding them.
When buying a nickname is assigned automatically. You can change the nickname in the animals menu.


Forage: corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans, potatoes and sugar beets.
Product: manure and slurry. The reproduction rate from pigs is high.
For pigs to breed, do not forget to take care of them (water and feed). They can be sold for a profit.

Cows on the Farm

Forage: grass, hay, silage and MS.
Product: milk, manure and slurry.
Reproduction speed is slow.
To increase the milk yield of cows, they should be fed with a mono mixture (MS).

Monomix in FS19

You can increase the milk yield of cows if you feed them with a mono-mix (MS). Mono-mix can be prepared in a mixer trailer by loading hay, straw and silage at the same time.
Everything is simple. Place in the mixer trailer:
-2 bales of hay;
- 1 bale of straw;
- fill the rest of the space with silo.


Well-fed cows give not only milk, but also slurry (and solid manure), which must be collected in a special tank or pit.
slurry, if properly fed, is also given to pigs.

Solid Manure

If you line a barn or pig pen with straw, you end up with solid manure for the farm.
Solid manure is spread on the fields as fertilizer.


Forage: grass and hay.
Product: wool.
The reproduction rate is high.
To sell wool, you need to take a pallet to the pasture with a fork and deliver it to the spinning mill.


Food: wheat.
Product: eggs.
Trays with eggs will spawn next to the chicken coop.
They can be moved by hand. Place pallets of eggs in your car to take them to the point of sale.


All this farming brings you income in the FS 19 farm, and also brings variety to work. In addition to all the variety that is present in the game, you can add mods for FS 19 for free.

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