Man Cat 1 SVE version 25.10.18 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Man Cat 1 SVE

The Man Cat 1 SVE mod was made to order for MudRunner, and will only change at the request of the customer.

The mod has:
- There are own sounds;
- 10 own addons + 15 default ones;
- Man Cat 1 SVE truck mod for MudRunner;
- Everything is animated, all the "buns" of the game, your load.

Changes v1.0 for MudRunner Mods:
- For the 6x6 version, a few minor changes;
- Added a second truck Man Cat 1 4x4;
- Addon board with your cargo for 4x4;
- Fuel-repair addon on board;
- Tent with 2 pts. garage.

Download mod 1 | 41.66 MB Download mod 2 | 41.66 MB

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