Tatra 815 S1B version 05.11.17 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Tatra 815 S1B

Two trucks with addons for Mudrunner Mods. Model 1/43 TATRA 815 S1B 6x6 (tipper) 1987 yellow with red.

Truck mod feature:
- Tatra 815 has 17 own and 19 default addons;
- Tatra 815 s1b has 15 of its own and 16 default addons;
- The instrument panel is disabled when viewed from the cab;
- You can hear your loads and your engine sound;
- There is a driver, the view from the cab;
- The model has an animation of the details of all;
- One cabin is yellow and the other is red;
- Body dump truck only in yellow texture.

Changes v1.1 (05.11.17) for MudRunner:
- Replaced Krazovskie wheels with original ones;
- Fixed loading in simulator mode;
- Added mass to the truck.

Download mod 1 | 217 MB Download mod 2 | 217 MB

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