Zapovednik Map version 16.11.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Zapovednik Map

Zapovednik Map is a forest map terrain mod for the muddy MudRunner game. Map size: 25x20 meters (summer and autumn).

The map has:
- 1 garage (closed);
- 5 reconnaissance points;
- 1 felling and 3 loading points;
- 6 sawmills and 3 gas stations;
- Mod Zapovednik Map for MudRunner.

Black lumberjacks cut down part of the reserve, but did not have time to clear the forest. Comrades are caught, and the timber prepared for export disappears. So that it does not disappear, you will have to remove it. The map is mountainous in places, there are dangerous fords and bridges. 1 of them is tilted, so be careful. Especially for those who love extreme sports, there are 2 roads "directly".

Download mod 1 | 41.66 MB Download mod 2 | 41.66 MB

Recommended RSM 2375 and Modification 2400
Recommended YuMZ-6A Russian
Recommended Claas Axion 900 FS20
Recommended Tatra Phoenix 158 8x8 2020
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