Renault Trucks T 6x4 version 03.07.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Renault Trucks T 6x4

As you can see in the main screenshot, the mod offers three truck tractors of the Renault Trucks T brand. Each differs in color, engine power and roof configuration (regular, beacons, additional light).

The light was never implemented, which should turn on on the roof of the truck. Maybe someone understands the features of the FS 23 game code, let me know in the comments. And this is how all the lighting equipment works, with instrument lights (and the instruments themselves), as well as the taillight when a low-bed semi-trailer is attached and the driveways are folded down.

The control physics are interesting, and the engine sounds good. Mod Renault Trucks T 6x4 made for mobile Farming Simulator 23 Trucks.

It is important to note: I have more than one Renault T 6x4 truck nearby in the game, everything starts to flicker. Use each model separately so that they do not fall into one frame (on the screen). This is all due to the detail of the 3D model, although the textures were all reduced to 512 in width.
Maybe your device will be more powerful and you won't experience flickering with the object, starting with the truck.

Download mod 1 | 62.37 MB Download mod 2 | 62.37 MB

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