Slurry Barrel Lizard

Slurry Barrel Lizard version 23.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

The Slurry Barrel Lizard Tank Trailer is a slurry spreader. Its working width is 16.2 meters per pass, with a speed of 16 miles per hour.

The slurry tank is filled up to...

Author: LDrayuga
SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack

SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack version 23.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Set of fertilizer spreaders SaddleTrac 3300/3800 Sprayer Pack Claas for farming in mobile FS23. It contains a filler for fertilizers and slurry.

Engines with a power of ...

Author: LDrayuga
John Deere S700 Tracked and Wheeled

John Deere S700 Tracked and Wheeled version 23.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

John Deere S700 North America combine model for FS 23 Mobile. If you download the combine harvester mod and install it in the game on your smartphone, you will get a model of a ...

Author: LDrayuga
John Deere 4940

John Deere 4940 version 24.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

The John Deere 4940 self-propelled chassis allows you to install a sprayer with an arch or a solid fertilizer spreader body. Before heading out to spray the fields, you need to ...

Author: LDrayuga
CASE Quadtrac 470

CASE Quadtrac 470 version 17.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

I made this CASE Quadtrac 470 tractor mod for a mobile game because it does not require a pack of tracks or other additional equipment.

The power of this tractor can be ...

Author: Nazar_Stars
OdAZ-9385 Animals

OdAZ-9385 Animals version 26.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Semi-trailer for transporting animals in mobile Farming 2023.

Specialization of the OdAZ-9385 model:
- Metal frame and wooden boards;
- Designed to transport...

Author: LDrayuga
Trans-70 Yellow

Trans-70 Yellow version 26.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Large yellow trailer for FS23.

The Trans-70 trailer model has a special unloading design. This is suitable in unloading areas with low ceilings or other obstructive stru...

Author: LDrayuga
Amazone Citan Multifrucht

Amazone Citan Multifrucht version 21.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Download the green and wide Amazone Citan sowing machine for your farm for your mobile device. The color of the seeder is green.

The Amazone Citan Multifrucht wide seede...

Author: LDrayuga
Chaser Bins 45T-60T Lizard

Chaser Bins 45T-60T Lizard version 21.09.23 – FS 23 Mobile (

Two Chaser Bins 45T-60T Lizard trailers are made for the tractor to work on the farm. They have an unloading auger.

Chaser Bins 45T Two Axle Trailer:
- Grain capac...

Author: LDrayuga