PRT10 Platform

PRT10 Platform version 19.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

The author states that the mod is good for the PRT10 Platform trailer, and it even has automatic loading. Made to be attached to tractors in Farming 2023 and transported loads.<...

Author: ModN2025
Baler Cheats

Baler Cheats version 20.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Baler Cheats mod for FS23, this is a Kuhn SB 1290 iD model for the farming game. It produces square bales.

The cost of the bale press is 300 money from the store. Use it...

Author: Cama
Stara Ninja

Stara Ninja version 10.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Self-unloading trailers "Stara Ninja", one model 24,000 and the second 40,000 liters of grain capacity. Sold in the FS 23 store for 48,000/61,000 money, from the trail...

Author: Cama
Prima 4590 Stara

Prima 4590 Stara version 07.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Mod for the Stara Prima 4590 unit for FS 23. It can sow seeds in the farm fields in the game. Consumes about 132 Hp of tractor power in operation.

The cost of the seeder...

Author: Dilshodbek
Scania NTG South America

Scania NTG South America version 07.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

I made a mod "Scania NTG South America" ​​for Farming 23, this is a truck tractor. Introduced a button to raise the second axis.

The color of the Scania 8x4 Su...

Author: MaxModderFs
KSS-2.6 Forage

KSS-2.6 Forage version 05.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Mod KSS-2.6 Forage for FS23 download. This is a trailed combine and pick-up capable of harvesting green corn for silage. But it requires a tractor of average power, and as a res...

Author: Dilshodbek
Seeding unit kit

Seeding unit kit version 10.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Kuhn seeding unit kit, models HR 4004 and BTF 4000 and TF1512. Seeder mod for Farming Simulator 23 Mods download.

Author: Dilshodbek
Fendt Katana 850

Fendt Katana 850 version 11.07.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

For a mobile farm, download the Fendt Katana 850 combine harvester. As you can see in the screenshot, each harvester has its own wheels and caterpillar.

The Katana forag...

Author: Dilshodbek
CaseIH Steiger715

CaseIH Steiger715 version 22.06.24 – FS 23 Mobile (

Black version of the CaseIH Steiger715 tractor for Farming Simulator 23. Even the window tinting has been done.

Watch the video about the black tractor fashion for more ...

Author: MaxModderFs