Jacto Uniport Planter 500 version 12.08.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Jacto Uniport Planter 500

Brazilian self-propelled seeder Jacto Uniport Planter 500 for mobile FS 23.

New features:
- Self-propelled sowing unit;
- Orange and black color of the model;
- Wide and unfolded sowing machine;
- You can exactly choose sunflower seeding;
- Self-propelled seeder with 470 l/s engine;
- The width of the corral is 30 meters of sowing;
- The tank holds 8700 liters of seeds and fertilizers;
- Jacto Uniport Planter 500 seeder mod made for FS 23 Mobile.

An innovative self-propelled hybrid diesel-electric seeder Jacto Uniport Planter 500 has been created, which is capable of sowing fields of 22 hectares per hour with an energy efficiency of 95%.

Download mod 1 | 46.36 MB Download mod 2 | 46.36 MB

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