Scythe version 24.08.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Scythe

I made a hand tool for making hay in the game FS23. This means that the farmer can take a scythe in his hand and mow the grass.

Made a free Scythe for Farming Simulator 23 Mobile. Most likely, a hand scythe can fit someone for a multiplayer game.

A joke on the theme "The mower mowed the grass."

Mower wanted to go to his "toilet" and he went to the nearby forest. I went up to him and sees a little man with bulging eyes.
He thinks to himself: "Maybe this is an alien, let's get in touch with him. First, I'll try to introduce myself."
Mower (pointing to himself, to the scythe and making appropriate movements): - Scythe, mower, koshu.
Zero emotion.
Mower for the second time: - Scythe, mower, mower.
Again, zero emotions. And so about ten times.
Somewhere on the eleventh time, the mower says again: - Scythe, mower, mower.
Then the little man can not stand it and says in response: - Forest, forester, shit.

Download mod 1 | 1.34 MB Download mod 2 | 1.34 MB

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