Palesse GS12 A1 and A1 Pro version 14.12.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Palesse GS12 A1 and A1 Pro

Two new grain harvesting machines for a farmer as a New Year's gift. This mod has the ability to install a native header and a cart for it.

Important characteristics:
- The cost of the GS12 A1 model is 120,000 money;
- The cost of the A1 Pro model is 180,000 money;
- Tank capacity is 520 liters, and bunker capacity is 9500 liters of grain;
- The working width of the header is 7.1 meters, and the speed is 10 km/h;
- The price of the reaper is 20,500 money, and the cart for it is 4,000 money.

The new Palesse GS12 A1 and A1 Pro grain harvesters are working on the FS 23 Mobile farm. This is a gift to the farmer for 2024.

Download mod 1 | 66.12 MB Download mod 2 | 66.12 MB

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