It is better to purchase a Farming Simulator 20 Android license instead of a pirate

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods It is better to purchase a Farming Simulator 20 Android license instead of a pirate

This game will take you to the world of farming, but this is not farming where you just need to tap on the screen to collect, you have to control real equipment from the Farming Simulator 20 game.



Grow, harvest, sell. This game will allow you to experience the real life of farming where each task is performed not automatically but manually. At the very beginning, only basic equipment and one ordinary field will be available to you, which you need to process. Plant the seeds and wait for them to germinate.

As soon as the season approaches, you have to drive your vehicle, there are more than a hundred different pieces of equipment, but in order to buy yourself something cool, you have to earn money at the beginning. It is a completely open world, so even shopping in the store you need to go on your own.


Farming Features

Simple and very exciting, this game will allow you to experience all the difficulties of farming. More than 100 different models of equipment as well as many additional tools are waiting for you. Many different crops, including: millet, oats and even sunflowers, and each requires its own care.

Feeding the cows and sheep, taking care of the horses and even walking around the farm. All this and more awaits you in this wonderful game with first-class 3D graphics and a whole bunch of different features and challenges. Become the best farmer and win the recognition of people.


As for mods

Before looking for mods for FS 20 Android, it's better to run in the default equipment and get acquainted with the surrounding world of farmers. And then you can already download and enjoy mods for your favorite agricultural machinery.

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