BMW 7 Series 2017 version 17.06.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods BMW 7 Series 2017

A full-fledged mod of the BMW 7 Series car, made for farmers for luxury in FS 23. Their three models are the same, but differ only in configurations. You will see more information in the pictures!

The chrome-colored car comes in a standard configuration, the green one has a reinforced engine and towbar, and the brown one simply has enhanced power. I would like to note that both options for attaching trailers cling to the tow bar.

Features of the car mod:
- Working lighting equipment, and even lighting of all devices;
- Wheels, instrument arrows and the driver’s steering wheel are animated;
- The engine sound is quite similar to the original one (is this true?);
- Three different body colors, and a towbar with a reinforced engine;
- Mod BMW 7 Series 2017 made for the game FS 23 Cars.

Note: Considering that my Android hardware is rather weak, I have to use minimal graphics settings. And as a result, I can’t see the functionality of the mirrors, but in Farming Simulator 22 the BMW-7 car has working ones. This is where the mod is ported from.
Please respond in the comments!

Considering the detail of the 3D model, my visibility of the car was distorted when there were three of them in focus. I even optimized the textures to a minimum, but it was all due to my weak equipment on the Android device.

Download mod 1 | 26.41 MB Download mod 2 | 26.41 MB

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Mirrors is not working.
How do they look? What colour?
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