How to get animals (cows) on the mobile Farming Simulator 20 Android and where to buy them

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods How to get animals (cows) on the mobile Farming Simulator 20 Android and where to buy them

I wish that this guide will be useful for you, informative. And if you didnt understand something in terms of breeding cows in Farming Simulator 20 Android, then the cow guide will clarify in general and help you figure out how and what to do.


Let's start with cows today

I think you know where the cowshed is!? But if you are a friend who is completely new to the game FS 20 and is not in the know, then the barn is located here, as screenshot #1 shows. You can also see the cowshed icon on the map - a painted white cow on a green circle, and the caption "Cow Pasture".

On the farm, next to the cowshed, you will see a green mark indicating that there is a cowshed here.


How do we get cows, there are two ways

The first way is to go to the barn at this very point, and the menu for buying cows will pop up. In it, we select which breed we want to take, then click "Move to the farm" (the cost of a cow is $ 2,500, and each one costs $ 200 for delivery). You will have to pay shipping costs even if you want to sell your cows later. Therefore, if you are planning to seriously and on a large scale to breed cows, then I advise you to purchase a trailer for transporting animals.


And here we will move on to the second method.

The second way is to buy cows from an animal dealer. On the map, the fence is not far away, where there is a barn nearby (see screenshot #2). After we bought the cows, we need a trailer.

The trailer itself must be purchased at the store, in the "Animals" section (screen #3). There are two types of trailers, this is from Joskin (capacity for 6 cows) and from Wilson for 12 cows. Well, here you already see for yourself which trailer you should take. As I already reported, it depends on how large-scale you plan to breed cows, and, in general, to engage in animal husbandry.


Going to the animal dealer

With a trailer for animals, we stop at the purchase marker (screen #4), and a selection menu appears for us. We choose the animal that we need, in our case it is cows. We select cows from the general selection, here we move the quantity we need to the trailer and click the "Confirm" button. In this case, no one will charge us for delivery, since we pick up the cows ourselves.

With our bought cows in the trailer, we drive up to the barn and drive to the marker in the form of a cow (picture #5). Next, from the menu (screen #6), we move the cows from the trailer to our farm into the corral itself, and again press the "Confirm" button. Now our cows are in the corral of our Farming Simulator 20 Android farm, and half of the work can be said to be done.


Monitor the condition of the cows

Now let's figure out how to monitor the condition of animals (cows), and what they need for better performance. We go to the "Animals" menu, then select cows, here we see the detailed characteristics of what we need to breed cows and get milk. For 100 percent productivity, we need all four parameters to be filled (#7), that is, that there is water, there is straw, hay and grass. Straw is needed for the production of manure, and grass and hay for the production of milk. Without water, productivity drops to zero!

Let's run through parameters such as "About the animal":
- Reproduction, this is the amount of time it takes for the appearance of one animal (calf);
- Before the offspring, that is, the remaining time before the appearance of the calf;
- Bought, this is the number of animals that we currently have in the paddock.

The rest of the parameters, such as manure, liquid manure and milk, this shows the amount of resources that we currently have in the barn itself.

Manure and liquid manure is used as fertilizer in the fields, for its use you need special trailers from the Farming Simulator 20 Android game kit.


Markers around the barn

Looking at screenshot #8, there is a manure marker and a liquid manure marker, these are storage locations.

Next, we see a marker for unloading grass and hay (screen #9). Hay can be brought here in bulk, as well as grass in bulk, or simply in bales. Here, whoever is more comfortable.

Further, screenshot #10 shows us the straw unloading point, here you can pour only loose straw. But in order to use the bales, we need a straw blower. You can find it in the animals section, it holds two bales. And to use a straw blower, you need to hook it up to a tractor, drive up to a place with straw bales and automatically load it into it. Then we go to the straw unloading point (the blower starts to grind the bales and blows this straw into the paddock).

On the back side of the barn we have a drinking bowl (#11), here is the water discharge point. We take a water tank, collect water and come here for unloading. Water can be collected on a hill near the first field next to the animal dealer, next to the stable. In general, you can’t go wrong: these are large green tanks filled with water.

Next we have a bale warehouse (#12), here we can bring bales of straw and leave them for storage and further use.

And the last place is the milk loading point marker (#12) where we can load the milk produced by the cows. Any trailer with a tank that is designed to transport milk and water is suitable for transporting milk.


Well, let's summarize why we still need cows and whether they should be dealt with. For me personally, I have found that playing Farming Simulator 20 Android without animals is pretty boring, and it seems to be an integral part of the game.

You can make money on cows. And you ask how? Firstly, by selling milk, and secondly, when our livestock increases, we will be able to sell the cows themselves. Since the pen can accommodate a limited number of cows, sooner or later everything will have to be sold exactly when our livestock grows. And thirdly: cows give us free fertilizer.

And also cows, they are one of my favorite animal species in FS20 for me. Therefore I started from them. I hope you liked the guide on animals (cows).

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