New farming game FS 25 offers more content

This time Farming Simulator (FS 25) offers a more interesting plot, with some mission chains, including construction ones. Such as standard cultivation of crops, production of products from raw materials and the practice of animal breeding. By the way, new animals are also present.

Choosing a country and the peculiarities of growing a crop

Go to East Asia and grow rice, it will be an unusual farming activity. Rice is a special crop and requires a sufficient amount of water, that is, it grows in a swamp. And this is a completely different agricultural machinery!

And if you are not interested in fiddling with rice in Asia, and like conventional equipment. Welcome to grow crops in North America and Central Europe. Here there will be many of them, which Farming Simulator 25 offers, and more than in the previous series.

Beautiful screenshots of FS 25 on the GIANTS Engine 10

GIANTS Software has already released fourteen Farm Simulator games over all its successful years, including the mobile version. And this time in 2025 there will be FS 25 on the updated engine of the tenth version, of course with all sorts of improvements. But the most important thing we are interested in is the new graphics.

Based on the screenshots, you can judge that the new GIANTS Engine 10 produces quite a beautiful picture. Even weather conditions are more realistically expressed. There might even be puddles after the rain.

This is always the case, in the screenshots the graphics are very beautiful, but during the game they are not very good. But there are still improvements, unlike the last series. Looks even more interesting!

A lot of agricultural equipment from hundreds of brands will not satisfy the farmer

Agricultural equipment in the new game will, of course, be new and advanced. Very beautiful and cool, a pleasure to work with. There will be a lot of them, there are up to 502 cars.

A hundred different brands offer their unique equipment, old and new. And yet this is not enough to satisfy the farming game fanatic. Give him others... And this will be done by Modding Farming Simulator, that is, there will definitely be mods for FS 25.

The new Farming Simulator 25 adds content to all previous series, but in improved graphics for 2025. See all the realism that GIANTS Engine 10 is capable of delivering.

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