Basic tips and tricks that will suit both beginners and seasoned farmers

Farming Simulator 20 is the latest installment of the popular farming simulator developed by Giants Software for mobile devices. The series has one distinctive feature of the release. So, even-numbered releases are traditionally large projects and are released on PC and consoles. The odd ones are on a smaller scale, and are released exclusively on portable consoles and mobile devices. So, as we see the number "20" in the title, we have another big release in front of us, which differs in many ways from the big predecessor.

In our today's article, we will provide the most important tips for both beginners and those who are already familiar with the series, because the game has a lot of new elements compared to the previous part.


Equipment for leasing

At the initial stages of the game, it is useful and cost-effective to lease equipment. Leasing is when instead of buying large equipment you rent it. The price is much lower, which is really useful in the early stages, as money is tight. You will immediately have to pay an initial fee, which is ten times less than the purchase price. Then you need to pay only for the time that the machine worked, as well as for its downtime. You can do all this on the purchase screen.

However, leasing is not always the best option. If you're buying a piece of equipment that should work for you for a long enough period, then it might be worth spending some money and just buying it. It will end up being cheaper. In addition, leased cars cannot be modified.


Crop loss

In Farming Simulator 20 Android, in order to prevent the spread of weeds, plants need to be weeded. In order to do this, you need to drive over them on a vehicle. However, if you do this process incorrectly, you will lose part of the crop. Fertilize the field before each sowing and during the first phase of growth, and then you will bypass the loss of crops during weeding.

In addition, it is worth equipping the tractor with narrow wheels in order to avoid damage to plants during weed control and the use of fertilizers in the later stages of crop growth.

By the way, if you don’t want to bother with this matter, there is a function in the settings that is responsible for destroying the crop during weeding, which you can turn off if you wish.


Buying neighboring fields

A little advice on how to cheat before buying a new field. You should not prematurely buy new fields for subsequent sowing, as they are processed by artificial intelligence. It is better to wait until the computer farmer sows the crop and is about to start harvesting. At this moment, buy a plot, then you can collect and appropriate its fruits.


Cruise control

Cruise control allows you to set the speed of the vehicle that you need at the moment. If this is not done, then the worker driving the machine will move at maximum speed. This function is convenient to use when your equipment with different factory speeds should move in the same way relative to each other.

Also, when using the cruise, you can not worry about the movement of equipment, and use the game menu. The car will continue to move.


"Respawn" vehicles

If your equipment rolled over or overturned, you can always teleport it straight to the store. However, keep in mind: if it was a seeder or a trailer, then when you teleport, you will lose all the contents that were in them. In the case of a tractor or combine, you will lose fuel.



It is worth spending money and building sheds for agricultural machinery. This will provide space for temporarily unused machines, as well as storage of raw materials and crops. We also advise you to carefully choose a place for construction: building on uneven ground will hurt your wallet.


However, if you do not have extra funds, do not forget that crops, fertilizers and seeds can be stored in shared elevators and not pay a penny for it. You can also store your good on earth, but this is not entirely practical.


Tractor selection

You need to be careful about what types of work you buy a tractor for. For really important tasks, it is not worth acquiring weak equipment. If the role of the acquired equipment is auxiliary, then you can save. For transportation or spraying, fast machines are not needed, and speed should not be emphasized. But the capacity of the fuel tank and maneuverability are more important parameters for a tractor.


Weed control

Keep in mind that weed control (weeding) is possible only in the first two stages of crop growth. If you miss this moment, then the size of the harvested crop will be reduced by 20%. Also, do not forget that simply spraying weeds will not protect you from their appearance in the future. More efficient use of weeding.


The benefits of straw

When harvesting grain crops such as wheat, oats, barley and rye, the combine leaves behind a large amount of straw. Do not neglect this. It can be harvested using a cargo cart or made into bales and then used in animal husbandry or sold. If you do not collect straw, then it will accumulate on the field in large quantities and interfere with the work of other equipment.


Time control

The simulator has the ability to speed up and slow down the game time. You can manipulate time at any time, regardless of the difficulty level.





Situations where it is better to use time dilation:

— If you do not have time to complete the planned field work on time.
— When attractive prices appeared in the store.
— If you have a loan and equipment leased.
— When the workers work the night shift, because they get double pay.

Situations where it is better to use time acceleration:

— When you wait for the night.
— When you need to wait a long time for the sprout of the crop.
— When reasonable prices are expected in the store.

If you have your own home, then you can go to bed yourself. To do this, closer to the night, just enter the house and go to bed. Sleep time is set manually.

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