Lada 2108 VAZ "Sputnik" version 17.10.22 – Mod Wreckfest (06.09.22)

Wreckfest Mods Lada 2108 VAZ "Sputnik"

The Wreckfest fleet is replenished with the Russian model Lada 2108 VAZ "Sputnik" and "Chisel", in the competition Derby cars. The car mod also combines an additional competition, this is on the VAZ 2108 Lada models. Which is made in the USSR.

In the garage there is a choice of wheels for Lada 2108 VAZ, body painting and skins (including "Police" of the USSR). You can hang small armor and change the look. In appearance, there are a couple of serial modifications of a body change between the VAZ 2108 Sputnik and the VAZ 2109 Chisel.

In general, the Lada 2108 VAZ Sputnik car mod will give the atmosphere of Soviet competitions in the Wreckfest game. Where they raced and competed without rules conditionally.

The history of work on the mod Lada 2108 VAZ for Wreckfest

When the game Wreckfest received a global update in 2020, this car mod got problems - they had to be solved. The author tried to fix everything, but he did not succeed. In the mood that I have already abandoned such an activity as modding for Wreckfest.

A few years later, it was my turn to take care of this VAZ 2108 Lada car for the game, in order to fix it and do everything in order — the way the author originally intended.

Now there is a corrected version of the VAZ 2108 Lada mod to download for Wreckfest. Purely "author's", without any changes.

Download mod 1 | 233 MB Download mod 2 | 233 MB

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