IZH Moskvich 412 IE-028 version 16.04.22 – Mod Wreckfest (02.04.2022)

Wreckfest Mods IZH Moskvich 412 IE-028

For a variety of derby cars download the IZH Moskvich 412 IE-028 in Wreckfest racing. This is a Russian model, more precisely the Soviet model of the Moskvich car. She has a camera view from the driver's seat, also from under the windshield on the left (instead of the view "above the hood"), but the rest remained as they are by default.

In the Wreckfest game, the author worked out the Moskvich car mod in such a way that it has a sufficient number of skins, additional parts, and also transmission and suspension tuning.

Use parts in the garage to increase power and change the look:

  • A choice of six wheels with different tires;
  • A trunk is placed on the roof, and bags on the trunk;
  • Different types of hood and bumpers (spoilers are also available);
  • You can embellish with mudguards, exhaust and installation of mirrors;
  • To increase the power, change the engine, as well as take new tuning parts.

The mod of the Soviet car IZH Moskvich 412 IE-028 is made for Wreckfest car racing quite extensively. This means that it is sure to have its own races for competitions with AI rivals. For it is possible to use it in the career of survival racing games. Although Moskvich 412 doesn't have much health to survive, the main thing is not to hit the point of defeat.

Download mod 1 | 371 MB Download mod 2 | 371 MB

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