BMW M6 2010 version 19.09.22 – Mod Wreckfest (06.09.2022)

Wreckfest Mods BMW M6 2010

A new car for the Survival Race game, but this model is not aesthetically suitable for such events. This was the first mod developed by the author, as a relatively beautiful graphics! BMW M6 2010 car for Wreckfest will no longer be finalized, evaluate on the roads as is. The bottom line turned out to be that, in the course of the experience, it was not done quite correctly and there was a desire to make a car mod from scratch, as well as another model.

We will not describe the sound, you will hear it corny yourself. Yes, and the car crashes not as spectacular as the default one, not to mention its health. The case with the modification took about two painstaking months.

Installation: Drag the "one_mod" folder from the archive to \Wreckfest\mods, then activate it in the process. For the beauty of the wheels, we advise you to use another "example", it turned out so ugly because of the late global update of Wrekfest!

Modification of the mod on 19.09.22 for Wreckfest 2022:
- Works with textures were carried out;
- There are four skins (livery) to choose from;
- Adjusted the driver's camera-looking;
- The sound of the engine is already audible, registered from the standard ones;
- Tuning functions (suspension, gear ratio, differential, brake balance);
- That camera-looking on the hood is moved under the windshield above the dashboard;
- Now the car has enough health in good collisions, but if you hit the opponent's point, it can decrease a lot;
- Engine power and other configurations are not selected, class A317 is strictly established. Also all AI cars have this power on their runs (01A317, 04A317, 46A317, 97A317, 01 and 04A317, 97 and 46A317);
- AI rivals have appeared, while there are six races with cars to choose from. Four variants with the same liveries (unique for each race) and two races with paired liveries (half with one appearance, the second with another).

The car behaves in a new way

Most importantly, this BMW M6 2010 car mod in the Wreckfest game will behave quite interestingly; With a little trick, you can drive sideways on corners. That is, almost a drift imprisoned. While AI cars (AI standard) don't do a great job of it, it gets too carried away sometimes. But it's atmospheric. And especially if you play on a racing game steering wheel.

A lot of things have been corrected and finalized, exactly as much as it allows in the absence of the source code.

Download mod 1 | 54.36 MB Download mod 2 | 54.36 MB

Recommended Fendt 900 TMS Vario
Recommended Map "Pioneer"
Recommended Map "Rassvet"
Recommended Gas 51
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