AZLK 412 Moskvich 1969 version 11.03.24 – Mod Wreckfest (20.01.2023)

Wreckfest Mods AZLK 412 Moskvich 1969

Old cars, these are races on Soviet Moskvich models. They are quite durable when used on any type of road. So they are perfect for survival races in Wreckfest, on roundabouts with different road surfaces, and in the arena.

Mod of the 1969 AZLK 412 Moskvich car for racing fans in the game Wreckfest. This model is quite seasoned, it can participate and win in any autocross.

Selecting parts in the Wreckfest garage:
- Changing wheels with five options for each;
- Choice of interior color from four types of leather;
- Choice of cladding color (chrome, black metallic, white).

The model "AZLK 412" was made in the game based on "Rocket", but it handles in a unique way. Tested on a g27 Logitech steering wheel and a regular keyboard. This was the whole idea, to comfortably control the car on the steering wheel.

Details and performance of AZLK Moskvich 412

After purchasing a car, go to the “Roll Frame” garage category, where you can choose the interior color. By going to the “Side Protection” and “Window Grilles” categories, you will have the opportunity to change the coverings for the headlight surrounds and trim.

If you are interested in the performance of the Moskvich 412, then go to the appropriate garage category. Your vehicle will be equipped with a matching arsenal of performance like the Rocket. The same number of details – the same amount of power under the hood.

Download mod 1 | 42.39 MB Download mod 2 | 42.39 MB

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