Autocross of ZIL 130 trucks on Wreckfest racing tracks

Wreckfest Mods Autocross of ZIL 130 trucks on Wreckfest racing tracks

Mod of an old ZIL 130 truck from 1964, an onboard vehicle, made for Wreckfest racing. Based on the Rocket chassis and its enhancements. That is, it has the same three motors to choose from, as well as other parts that increase power. But driving and physics are of course very different in this case, quite individual.

Selectable parts in the garage

In the garage, you can install lights on the ZIL 130 truck on the cab, and turn signals on the front fenders. This is how it is in more modern models. You need to look for this in the category where “Exhaust pipes”, and in the category “Hoods”, you will find another flatbed body to replace it. Well, in the third case, instead of the body, a yellow “Milk” tank is installed.

Changing the wheels also gives the truck a brutal look, and at the same time emphasizes the originality of the model. Be sure to come in and see what wheel options you can change (there are four types). In two cases the tires are renewed, and in the other two the rim color is changed.

For the appearance of the cabin, there is a choice of color coating, a couple of skins and a full paint palette! In addition to changing the appearance of the parts, the flatbed body is replaced with a tank, and several options for wheels and lights.

Organized truck autocross

The most interesting thing is that the ZIL car mod will allow you to create an autocross of trucks on the Wreckfest racing tracks. Choose any, asphalt or off-road. In both cases, the ZIL-130 Onboard truck model will harmoniously display all its qualities and characteristics.

Three options are given to organize an autocross among trucks that differ in engine power and road handling. Those engines that are in the garage are available to choose from.

Download mod 1 | 133 MB Download mod 2 | 133 MB

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