Lamborghini Asterion version 09.09.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Lamborghini Asterion

This is the version in which everything is fixed. And there is also painting, as well as a number of detail adjustments (except for exhaust pipes and hoods). But still, a couple of little things that do not affect the racing are still present.

The archive contains instructions for installing the Lamborghini Asterion mod in Need for Speed ProStreet. But first of all, please note that the standard Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is being replaced, with a minor update to the physical characteristics (including information ones).

The main feature of the new Lamborghini Asterion in NFS Prostreet is its updated performance. Stock engine power is 972 hp, and with modifications as much as 1200 horsepower.

Be careful in Grip racing!

Download mod 1 | 1,91 Mb Download mod 2 | 1,91 Mb

Recommended MTZ 80 and Belorus 82
Recommended Case H620 4x4
Recommended Semi-Trailer Dump Truck
Recommended New Holland W170C
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