Dodge Challenger Concept version 01.02.20 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Dodge Challenger Concept

Correction of the Dodge Challenger concept in the second version from the author of Ti-Sonic, for the game NFS Prostreet. And I want to note that before installing a new car, look at what car it will replace. The settings will remain the same as the original ones.

Features and fixes:
- Hoods and other styling details from the game Need for Speed ​​Undercover;
- New shaders, and a new set of performance;
- Handling is good, because it stays the same;
- Replaced exhausts with more efficient ones;
- The grille detail has been fixed, as have the enigne textures;
- The textures of the brake system have also been updated.

Updated the Dodge Challenger Concept car for NFS Prostreet, completely free. Now it has more extensive options.

Download mod 1 | 4.91 MB Download mod 2 | 4.91 MB

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