MAZ 515A version 23.04.20 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods MAZ 515A

At the Maz-515A truck, the tractor does not have anything screwed on, but the chassis formula is 6x4. It uses default trailers, but there are no addons of its own. You can download trailers for it separately, as a mod for the MudRunner game.

Mod features:
- Monodrive in progress;
- Model of a Russian truck;
- Carries semi-trailers (there are no addons);
- Mod truck Mod MAZ 515A for MudRunner.

Changes v1.1:
- Fixed the grille;
- Fixed collision of the front axle;
- Made animations of the front steering knuckles and transverse link.

Download mod 1 | 35.37 MB Download mod 2 | 35.37 MB

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