GaZel 6x6 version 29.11.21 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods GaZel 6x6

Mod Russian truck GaZel 6x6 for MudRunner download. Here, in between envelopes from Snow, from scrap metal at hand, I assembled just such a homemade product.

Mod features:
- Frame from LoadStar-1700 from SnowRunner.
- Cabin and addons from this mod;
- Wheels from here.

The GaZel 6x6 car has its own engine sounds, and the four-wheel drive is also turned on.

No need to bomb in the comments, I made this for fun for MudRunner!

Download mod 1 | 65.19 MB Download mod 2 | 65.19 MB

Recommended Map "Mountain Nightmare"
Recommended Т-150к
Recommended ZIL-130
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