Zetor 12045 version 24.10.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Zetor 12045

The Zetor 12045 mod received a fix: it changed the lifting angle of the loader and the opening of the grip, since some trailers and semi-trailers could not be loaded. I put in place the fuel tanks from the YuMZ tractor.

I prescribed a reversing light, though there is no headlight - it seems that the light comes from the cab.

Mod features:
- Two models of tractor Zetor 12045;
- Zetor 12045 has 4 addons and 8 standard ones;
- Zetor 12045FE has 6 of its addons and 7 standard ones;
- Zetor 12045 tractor mod for MudRunner dirty game.

Update v30.07.18:
- Minor fixes and shortened supports on cranes.

Update v31.07.18:
- Fixed the work of all hydraulic equipment (cranes).

Update v31.07.18:
- The game mod Zetor 12045 received a fix.

Download mod 1 | 73.31 MB Download mod 2 | 73.31 MB

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