Tractor T-150k version 14.03.21 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Tractor T-150k

Tractor T-150k can hitch default Mudrunner trailers, most importantly, it can be called! For towing, let's say you sat down somewhere in the mud on a ZIL-130 car and called the T-150k to the place where you were stuck. And on it you can safely pull out your stuck equipment.

The tractor has an animation of the steering wheel, footrests, pipe cover, and a fan that stops when the engine is turned off. When the engine is started, it rotates again.

This is not the end of the work, there will be new mods, I hope there are still players who have remained in MudRunner Mods? Have a nice game everyone!

Download mod 1 | 18.81 MB Download mod 2 | 18.81 MB

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