Deciduous tree Green and Yellowed version 01.04.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Deciduous tree Green and Yellowed

New tree for SpinTires and MudRunner editors. Model from the Internet, thanks to the author. 3438 polygons (triangles), 1K textures, separately in the folder is the texture of autumn leaves, if necessary, throw it after the base, agreeing to a replacement.

A kind of tree, it is better to brush with a combination of other trees, a forest with a predominance of this looks like an "amateur". For a change and in certain places in single copies, it looks good. The registration of the brush in the archive, what and where to register is indicated there. File path for registration: MudRunner - Editor\Media\prebuild\common

Adaptation: Ser.Rosszz (Sergey). Haven't tested it with SpinTires, but it should work.

Download mod 1 | 6.65 MB Download mod 2 | 6.65 MB

Recommended John Deere 9R 2021
Recommended Dom-1
Recommended LandRover Defender 110
Recommended Ford F-Max
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