Vezdekhod TUZ B26 version 18.01.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Vezdekhod TUZ B26

Envelope fashion Vezdekhod TUZ B26, refinement and tuning of this machine. The Vezdekhod TUZ B26 mod for MudRunner has 4 of its addons, 2 default trailers (a small trailer and a loaded cart), and can also hook trailers from another mod.

Changes to Vezdekhod TUZ B26 mod:
- Suspension, power, gearbox, flooding tuned from scratch;
- Reduced rudder return speed;
- Increased lowered center of mass;
- Changed the position of the camera, moved forward, reduced the radius of distance;
- Reconfigured lighting on the car and addons;
- Added instrument lighting;
- The wheels are taken and repainted from the mod;
- In the addon of the barrel, the mass of fuel has been fixed;
- Added Russian translation for addons.

Texture changes under MudRunner:
- All speculars are newly created;
- Changed the color and transparency of the glass;
- Glass headlights returned transparency.

Download mod 1 | 29.70 MB Download mod 2 | 29.70 MB

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