Case H620 4x4 version 19.01.18 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Case H620 4x4

Another cheat tractor for MudRunner, Case H620 4x4 model. There are two versions of the tractor, the only difference is in the wheels.
Default trailers (4 pcs.) Cling, but there are no addons of their own.

Mod feature:
- The color of the texture is only red;
- The sound is similar to the original tractor;
- Turns on the front drive and lock;
- Case H620 4x4 tractor mod for MudRunner.

Update 1.1 (v19.01.18):
- Fixed wheel width;
- Installed another gearbox;
- Changed the power of the engine, and reduced the friction on the wheels.

Download mod 1 | 15.56 MB Download mod 2 | 15.56 MB

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