Map "Contract" version 01.10.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Map "Contract"

Hi all! I present to you my next work of the map "Contract" for the game MudRunner Mods. The map is made for 2WD cars. You need to scout an unfamiliar area, you will find a Zil-130 on it, it will come in handy for a semi-trailer with garage parts. This semi-trailer needs to be delivered to a closed garage. Then you will be given a new job with the delivery of special vehicles to the skidding area. This special equipment will be very useful for you to remove the forest from the swamp, it is difficult to drive there by car. And then according to the standard: load the timber into timber trucks and deliver it to local sawmills.

Card feature:
- Suitable for non-wheel drive vehicles;
- 1 loading point in the logging area;
- 2 cars at the start (can be changed);
- There are third-party objects
- 1 garage (closed);
- 9 sawmills;
- 1 gas station;
- Map: 1x1 km;
- For singles 8 garage points;
- Map mod Map "Contract" MudRunner.

Download mod 1 | 97.78 MB Download mod 2 | 97.78 MB

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