Eight off-road tips in the game MudRunner, possible on your way

MudRunner Mods Eight off-road tips in the game MudRunner, possible on your way

MudRunner is a rather technical game in terms of the surface under the wheels of the car, for lovers of cool physics and a variety of paths. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to give you some tips on the best and most profitable way to start completing trucker game missions. And also how to avoid getting stuck in deep mud, a form of transport. This is especially important in multiplayer, as you and your three fellow dredgers will have to fight together against harsh off-road conditions to get the job done in the mission. Be careful what you do!


How to pave the way so as not to get stuck in the mud

Getting stuck in the mud is a problem and unpredictably costly! To avoid this, you need to master the gearbox of your vehicle (car). Know the difference between 1 gear and 1+ as you move. 1+ works similarly to 1st gear, but gives extra revs to the car. But be careful! At low speeds, her engine will quickly stall.


When playing in "Simulator (Hardcore)" mode, the differential lock will not be available on the automatic transmission, so it is important to learn how to manually shift gears! And in such cases, you can use the differential lock.


Avoid extreme wheel slip

Reduce the rotation of the wheels and prevent slipping by dropping the speed! Avoid slipping, this will increase the cross-country ability of your truck! You can adjust the speed by pressing the gear lever (do not fully turn on the speed by moving the mouse).


The surface of the road is usually deceptive

Not every surface is the same on MudRunner roads, and not every place is the same. Pay close attention to where you ride, as different surfaces vary in terms of cleat friction and hardness. The darker the soil, the softer it is and the more likely it is to get dirty. Heavy vehicles benefit from rev control and large wheels, but there is a risk of getting stuck due to their excess weight (especially when loaded). Lighter vehicles hold up better in rocky and dry conditions and are more prone to getting stuck in mud and fords.


You will always come to the aid of a winch

Each vehicle is equipped with an important tool, this is a winch (all models have the same cable length). It is necessary in order to pull vehicles out of difficult situations, having a strong tree. The winch can be picked up from different points of the car (Mudrunner games), and also cling to everything that is around tightly holding on.


More attention and intelligence points

Mudrunner in "Simulator (Hardcore)" mode makes some conditions unbearable. The main thing is that the path to your destination will not be displayed while driving. In any case, you are allowed to go on any path that you like for convenience, but be careful! The world of this game is dangerous, and many dangerous routes are hidden on your way. It is recommended to head to higher terrain with a scout car, or unlock vantage points in other possible ways to better scout the map. Unlocked intelligence points, a map of a convenient landmark will open for you.


Keep track of fuel and consider consumption

Tasks can often go from fast jobs to very long missions, and nothing makes this more stressful than a vehicle running out of fuel. Make sure you fill up enough fuel to complete your task or your job will quickly turn into a rescue mission. Even filled with enough fuel or filling a full tank, it is possible to make a mistake in sulfur. Paving the way off-road, this is a very unpredictable option. Especially in the forest area and after the rain in the mud.


Your will, but take the right addons

Make sure you get the right addons on your car (at least the ones that are allowed): platforms load a block of logs, and a fuel tank to carry fuel, etc. A few extra fuel reserves will simplify the work of a trucker in unpredictable situations.


Cars are able to take damage

Vehicles (cars) are strong and passable, but they can still take damage from any object (even if not significant). Hitting objects while driving can damage your truck, and driving deep into water can cause engine water hammer and stall. You can immediately hit the truck and take full damage, but you can also take several damage and take full damage immediately. In any case, you will have to look for a technical service or have a special addon to repair your damaged vehicle (car).

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