MAZ 6501A8 Kolos version 15.10.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods MAZ 6501A8 Kolos

Yellow farm truck, Belarusian model in a mobile game. Her cabin reclines and the doors open, as well as the sides and hood.

Characteristics about the mod:
- Body volume is 33,000 liters, and trailer volume is 39,000 liters of grain;
- Gets dirty in use, leaves marks and dust;
- The color is completely yellow, and the chassis is black;
- Dynamic hoses and removable awning;
- Drawbar locking and fixation straps;
- Cost 60,000/25,600 money;
- Lighting equipment is working.

There should be animations of instruments and pedals, gear lever and cardan shafts, suspension and mudguards.

Agricultural dump truck MAZ 6501A8 Kolos made for FS 23 Mods. The set includes a model of the trailer MAZ-856103PR Kolos.

Download mod 1 | 67.46 MB Download mod 2 | 67.46 MB

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