KamAZ and Grain Truck Trailer v2 version 30.05.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods KamAZ and Grain Truck Trailer v2

Download the Grain Truck mod for FS 23. This is a KamAZ 65117 truck model with a large body, and there is also an equally large trailer.

Features of the truck in the game:
- The color looks all orange and a little worn;
- The cost is 24 thousand money, and for the trailer 12,000 units.
- Each body has a capacity of 21,000 liters of grain;
- A maximum of 180 liters of diesel fuel is poured into the tank;
- The engine produces about 300 l/s, and the speed is 90 km/h.

The KamAZ and Grain Truck Trailer v2 mod was made for Farming Simulator 23. It is a Russian modern model of a truck for transporting grain crops in large volumes.

Download mod 1 | 121 MB Download mod 2 | 121 MB

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Hello thanks for uploading it. I installed it in my FS23 latest version and tested on new save game, it kept flickering in game. Other mods work well on my device so..
Most likely the textures are not optimized for the mobile version of the game. This was not done by the one who converted the mod to FS 23/20...
That is, the quality is not reduced (textures are not compressed!)
Oh thanks cry
Hello moderator! I'm having issues with vehicle's indoor mirrors in many of your mods. It sometimes displays only black color, sometimes it works only pieces of mirror incompletely. Is it able to fix by changing code in xml file? I'm not a software engineer/ developer so I don't understand how its working and can't read the codes neither. Please help me, thank you. tongue
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