T-150 05-09 version 11.07.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods T-150 05-09

The Soviet and today Ukrainian tractor T-150 05-09 is needed in the fields of farmers. Now such a caterpillar tractor model has been made into the game Farming Simulator 2023. It has textures from the author Aleksey Markelov.

Tractor Model Features:
- The manufacturer's plant is KhTZ;
- The cost is 55,000 dollars for one;
- Modification of the T-150 with the YaMZ-236 engine (180 l / s);
- Caterpillar drive driven by a tractor 15 km/h maximum.

Additional options (in theory):
- Choice of modification of the tractor;
- Painting details: design, rollers, main;
- Configuration: decals, lights, counterweights.

Download mod 1 | 47.04 MB Download mod 2 | 47.04 MB

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