TO-25 T-150k version 25.02.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods TO-25 T-150k

A tractor without which it is difficult to imagine effective work on the farm. Will become your reliable friend and assistant in the game Farming Simulator 23.

A modification of the TO-25 front loader based on the popular T-150K tractor is incredibly popular both in real life and in the farm simulator. This is an excellent working tool for efficient loading of agricultural crops. Using the T-150K TO-25 you can load silage, various types of grain, beets, potatoes, etc.

The general characteristics of a tractor with a front loader look like this:
- Fixed bucket.
- Suitable for loading many standard crops, as well as potatoes, manure, silage and even wood chips.
- The volume of the loader is 2000 liters, the power is simply excellent - 165 horsepower.
- All doors and windows open. You can also lift the engine cover.
- Working mirrors and animation of farmer's hands.
- After itself, the T-150K-TO-25 tractor with a loader for FS 2023 Mobile leaves marks on the sand, ground and any other surface. Also, while driving, you can notice how dust flies.

The TO-25 T-150k front loader mod was made for the video game Farming Simulator 23, from the previous FS 20 Andrid. While working, I added sounds and bucket controls, and also fixed the wheels (those installed on the TO-18 Amkodor model).

Download mod 1 | 16.92 MB Download mod 2 | 16.92 MB

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