SPU-6 Seeder version 10.09.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods SPU-6 Seeder

Trailed sowing unit SPU-6 for a farming game on mobile.

The SPU-6 universal pneumatic seeder for the FS 2023 simulator. Designed to work for row sowing of grain and legumes, as well as herbs, vegetables and grass mixtures.

Characteristics of the sowing unit:
- Capacity for seeds 1500 liters of grain;
- The capture of the pen is 6 meters;
- Sowing speed on average 15 km/h;
- The price of the sowing unit is 18,100 euros;
- Made a mod for Farm Simulator 2023;
- The color of the model is red and white.

Download mod 1 | 17.68 MB Download mod 2 | 17.68 MB

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