Unia TUR Two version 07.01.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Unia TUR Two

Package with two plows from the Polish brand Unia. Needed to plow fields in the mobile version of Farming Simulator. One has four bodies, and the second five.

The package contains Unia4 and Unia 4+1:
- Plowing width 1.6/2.0 meters;
- The price in the store for one is 6,000 dollars, the second is 7,900;
- You need a tractor with an engine of 80/100 horsepower.

For the mobile farm FS 23 I made a mod for Unia TUR Two. You need a plow to plow the fields!

Download mod 1 | 15.93 MB Download mod 2 | 15.93 MB

Recommended HTZ T-150 Caterpillar and Orange
Recommended XTZ models 244K and 241
Recommended Derry Longhorn 4520
Recommended ZIL-130
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