Lizard SM 72 and SM 82 version 08.09.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Lizard SM 72 and SM 82

Two models of the Lizard SM 72 and SM 82 plow for farming in the FS 20 Mobile fields. But somehow the unit looks more like a cultivator, or a wide chisel. Instead of a blade, it has cultivator paws.

One model of the unit takes 22 meters of processing in the paddock, and the second 26 meters. Accordingly, the first requires a power of 330 horsepower, the second 370 hp. power consumption.

Features in the game FS 20:
- The price of SM-72 is $73,000;
- The price of SM-82 is $87,000;
- Tillage speed is exactly 15 km/h;
- Two models of the Lizard plow are made into the Ferma Mobile game.

Download mod 1 | 6.86 MB Download mod 2 | 6.86 MB

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