KPS-5G version 05.10.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods KPS-5G

Mod for self-propelled mower KPS 5G for Farming Simulator 23, this is for a mobile device. It comes with a header for cutting grass.

Such a self-propelled mower can be bought for 65,000 euros in a game store for German farmers. And you can buy a reaper that cuts the grass for 10,000 euros. And in general the purchase price is 75 thousand.

Characteristics of KPS-5G and header:
- Maximum speed when driving in transport form is 30 km/h;
- The KPS-5G self-propelled chassis is equipped with an 80 horsepower engine;
- Made a self-propelled mower-conditioner for FS 23 Mobile;
- Working width of the header is 5.0 meters per pass;
- Painted orange and the cabin gray;
- The rims on the wheels are painted white.

Download mod 1 | 16.10 MB Download mod 2 | 16.10 MB

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