Kawasaki ZH2 2020 version 07.07.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Kawasaki ZH2 2020

Fast enough Kawasaki ZH2 2020 motorcycle for a hard-working farmer. It develops as much as 280 km / h of maximum speed, between fields.

The price in the FS 23 Mobile store is set at $17,000. For a farmer to buy a Kawasaki ZH2 at this price, these are small things.

Feature in theory:
- Complete digital panel;
- Dynamic suspension;
- Color configuration;
- Almost fully animated driver driving;
- Made a motorcycle mod Kawasaki ZH2 2020 in the game FS 23 Mobile.

Download mod 1 | 13.97 MB Download mod 2 | 13.97 MB

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